Marilyn Verbiscer, LMFT, BC-TMH

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Since 1999, Marilyn has dedicated her career to working with couples and families. She has successfully worked with a variety of individual, couple and family issues such as healing from the trauma of infidelity, ineffective communication, conflict management issues, sexual issues, parenting struggles, blended family issues, divorce management, anxiety, depression, anger, self-esteem, grief, sleep issues, etc. Marilyn began providing telemental health service delivery in 2015 and telesupervision in 2020.

She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Master of Science degree in Child Development and Family Studies from Purdue University. Marilyn is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the states of Indiana and Illinois and is an out-of-state telehealth provider for the state of Florida. She is also a Clinical Fellow of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT), an AAMFT Approved Supervisor, a Certified Gottman Seven Principles Leader and a Board Certified TeleMental Health provider.

Marilyn is a member of Alpha Chi National College Honor Society and a charter member of the Omega Chapter of Delta Kappa, an international marriage and family therapy honor society. She is also a past member of the Indiana Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, the Illinois Association for Marriage and Family Therapy and a past Board Member and Region Representative for the Indiana Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.

Marilyn has authored manuals and presented on the topics of healing from the trauma of infidelity, telemental health service delivery, clinical documentation, telesupervision and clinical supervision.

Currently, Marilyn provides the online Gottman Couples Relationship Check Up assessment, couples therapy, pre-marital therapy and individual therapy via telemental health service delivery as well as telesupervision and teleconsultation.

Marilyn accepts some insurance plans including Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Oxford, and United Health.

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Dive into the latest issue of St John Neighbors magazine and discover Marilyn Verbiscer, one of our dedicated staff therapists, featured on the cover! Get to know Marilyn beyond her counseling role as she shares insights into her hobbies and passions. Explore the full article to learn how Marilyn's diverse interests enrich her approach to therapy at Thrive for Life Counseling. 

Blog Posts by Marilyn

4 Horseman of the Apocalypse in Relationship Communication

4 Horseman of the Apocalypse in Relationship Communication

Dr. John Gottman’s decades of research on couples found that The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse are the 4 BIG communication errors partners make. They are the #1 predictor of divorce… 

The Emotional Stages of Divorce

The Emotional Stages of Divorce

There are several distinct emotional stages of the divorce process. Let’s take a look at each one. 

Negative vs Positive Sentiment

Negative vs Positive Sentiment

One of the best ways to understand the difference between negative sentiment and positive sentiment in a relationship is to think of sentiment as being 2 different emotional bank accounts. 

Resources by Marilyn

Marilyn Verbiscer has authored numerous manuals and presented nationally on the topics of healing from the trauma of infidelity, telemental health service delivery, clinical documentation, telesupervision and clinical supervision. These manuals are available now for purchase from the Thrive for Life library.  All manuals are Category II CEU eligible. 

Best Practices in TeleMental Health Service Delivery

Best Practices in TeleMental Health Service Delivery

A manual to help clinicians navigate the complexities of telemental health service delivery.

Best Practice in Clinical Documentation

Best Practice in Clinical Documentation

A manual to help clinicians improve their clinical documentation skills. 

Best Practice in TeleSupervision

Best Practice in TeleSupervision

A manual to improve telesupervision skills.

Healing from the Trauma of Infidelity

Healing from the Trauma of Infidelity

A manual to help therapists navigate infidelity in their work with couples.

Best Practices in Effective, Hands-On Clinical Supervision

Best Practices in Effective, Hands-On Clinical Supervision

A manual to increase your effectiveness as a clinical supervisor. 

Clinical Supervision with Marilyn

Marilyn is excited to offer clinical individual supervision, group supervision and consultation to mental health professionals via telesupervision.

Marilyn is an AAMFT Approved Supervisor who has been practicing since 1999. She offers clinical supervision to students, pre-licensed master level therapists and those with an associates license. Marilyn also offers clinical consultation for therapists with a license so there is no need to practice in isolation.

Marilyn’s orientation to supervision can best be described as a cognitive behavioral approach and solution focused. When supervising a couples case, she uses Gottman Method Couples Therapy.

If you have any questions or are interested in clinical supervision or consultation, please complete the Thrive contact form.

Professional Testimonials for Marilyn Verbiscer, LMFT

"Marilyn is a skillful relationship therapist with the training to help couples transform their interactions. Her style is direct & engaging to maximize the therapeutic experience. She is also a prolific author/presenter sharing her knowledge nationwide. "

- Wendy Galyen, LCSW

"I was recently in a conference where I was asked to name the person to whom I could attribute my career growth; to name the person who saw my spark. I wrote Marilyn's name. Maybe once in a career you have the experience of being supervised by someone who inspires you to grow as a professional. I have had such an experience with Marilyn. It is the rare professional who can bridge the gap of different therapeutic philosophies and teachings, and find the common denominators of professional practice and growth. Although I was already a clinically licensed professional, and a social worker at that, my experience with Marilyn was one of growth, learning and one I treasure immensely. Marilyn was able to inspire me to become a better professional, saw a spark in me that she encouraged and taught me a great deal about my own strengths as a professional. I highly encourage others, despite their degree or licensure, to work with Marilyn as a supervisor."

- Michelle Cuebas, MSW, LCSW-C, Y of Central Maryland Building Futures Regional Director

"I was hired by Marilyn when she supervised a community based program in which I was a contractual therapist. Her level of commitment to her profession was very evident. She presented herself not only professionally, but non judgemental and knowledgeable. What I enjoyed most in my work with her was her encouragement when I could not recognize my strengths. If you are looking for the VERY best bang for your buck then you will find that working with Marilyn will be extremely rewarding and instrumental in your career advancement."

March 6, 2010

- Indya Peoples, LCSW

"I am currently a Supervisor-in-training with Marilyn as my supervisor. It became immediately evident to me, as Marilyn and I began to work together that she is passionate about her work. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience that I am able to tap into and learn from and apply as I supervise others. Marilyn provides a sense of professionalism in the supervision process, yet adds that personal touch that lets me know that she very much wants me to succeed not only in my private practice but as a supervisor to others. If you want a high quality supervision experience with someone who cares about you and the marriage and family profession, then Marilyn is the person for you."

March 5, 2010 

- James Huitt Ph.D., LMFT

"Marilyn is great. She is kind, caring and extremely helpful."

"Marilyn took the time to understand all of our needs, our backgrounds and situation. Her advice was very well thought out, and her counseling was very structured."

“My husband and I have been seeing Marilyn for the past year. She has been a joy to work with. Every week she would give us a homework assignment and that helped to keep us on track. She was very insightful and made us see things that we weren’t seeing. We have grown so much as a couple thanks to Marilyn and we would highly recommend her to any couple or individual seeking counseling.”