Lindsey Welch, Master Life Coach

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Lindsey, a dedicated Master Life Coach, is committed to guiding individuals and families towards a fulfilling and healthy life. With a passion for helping clients overcome personal challenges, Lindsey specializes in various areas, including lifestyle change, work/life balance, stress management, exercise, health, nutrition, and pre/postpartum adjustment.

Lindsey's educational background includes a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sports and Recreation Management, followed by a Master of Arts in Organizational Management with a specialization in Organizational Leadership. As a certified Master Life Coach, Lindsey brings expertise in goal success, happiness, life purpose, and professional purpose.

Through Lindsey's coaching, clients experience personal acceptance amid difficult relationships or life circumstances. They develop increased self-belief, improved physical and mental health, and achieve their life and health goals through guidance and accountability. 

Whether you're seeking support for lifestyle changes, navigating work/life balance, managing stress, or addressing health and nutrition concerns, Lindsey is here to help. Thrive for Life Counseling offers remote coaching, allowing Lindsey to work with clients worldwide. Take the first step towards a more thriving life with Lindsey as your guide.