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Want to Build Your Own Telemental Health Private Practice?

Explore the possibilities of launching your online therapy practice or enhancing your current counseling services with the guidance of Wendy Galyen, the founder of Thrive for Life Counseling. Wendy offers tailored consultation services nationwide, assisting counselors in establishing HIPAA-compliant, ethical, and legally sound practices. These invaluable services are delivered through video, phone, or email—choose the modality that suits your preferences. 

With no obligatory commitments or contracts, you have the flexibility to schedule sessions as needed, empowering you to develop and expand your online practice at your own pace. 

Whether you opt for a solo or group online practice, relish the flexibility to determine your working hours and operate from any corner of the globe. Envision the financial and geographical liberation that accompanies this opportunity—what could you achieve? 


Phone or Video Consulting60 minutes$250.00
Phone or Video Consulting4 Session Package (60 min each)$800.00
Email ConsultingMonth of email consultation$300.00


To schedule a 15 minute phone or video chat to discuss if consultation services with Wendy are the right fit for you, simply reach out via our contact page.


Ready to Grow Your Practice?



Wendy's reputation is underscored by the fact that various telemental health practice building organizations actively seek her expertise. These organizations recognize her as a leading authority in the field and rely on her to educate therapists on the intricacies of developing and sustaining ethical and legally compliant telemental health practices. 

Practice of the Practice

Center for Credentialing & Education

Building An Online Counseling Practice in 6 Easy Steps


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“Thank you so much Wendy! You are a gem and I see why you are having so much success. I am going to work on this asap. I look forward to our next session.

-Lia Huynh - Huynh Psychotherapy

“I valued every minute of my work with Wendy and am grateful I found her! She’s thoughtful, upbeat, articulate, vibrant, knowledgeable, and warm. I felt deeply understood in our sessions and extremely supported. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for an exceptional and compassionate therapist!”

-Tiffany Goles - Resilient Hearts Counseling

“Wendy's ability to connect with clients quickly, making them feel safe and heard is one of her greatest strengths. She and her practice were forerunners in virtual therapy - pre-Covid. I highly recommend her and her team.”

May 2022

- Alyssa Johnson - Vibrantly Live Counseling

“Wendy is a very skilled and thoughtful clinician. She brings much wisdom, curiosity and extensive training to her work with her clients. At Thrive for Life Counseling, Wendy has created a warm environment focused on promoting safety and healing.”

April 2022

- Randi Paris - Paris Counseling Center

"Wendy did an excellent job of helping me get my private practice started.  I highly recommend her!"

- Johnny Sanders - Truth & Grace Counseling