Welcome to Thrive for Life Counseling!

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Hello & Welcome to Thrive for Life Counseling!

I am Wendy – a licensed clinical social worker who loves people and helping them to achieve their best lives!  After 15+ years of clinical practice, I have shifted my focus in recent years to a more online approach – phone, video, and email counseling.  With the changing nature of our world due to technology, this has been a natural transition that has been amazingly helpful in reaching more people and allowing them to thrive despite distance, busy lives, and hectic schedules.  

As a counseling professional, I have seen the amazingly beneficial impact that counseling can have for people.  However, I have also seen the resistance to counseling that can occur due to the stigma around mental health services.  My goal with this website and blog is to:

  • dispel these myths
  • make mental health resources and information attainable
  • and to help more people access the services that we all need from time to time.

Through this blog, I will share reviews of my favorite self-help and mental health books, action steps that you can take to combat common struggles from depression and anxiety to parenting and marriage, while also answering questions about the world of online counseling.  Have a question or idea?Drop me a note here.

Remember – Do not just live – THRIVE!

Talk soon, Wendy